USA slots

If classify the slots machines according to the regional variations, it is possible to point out the USA slots as the separate slots games category. The USA is considered to be the motherland of the slots the way we know them nowadays.

USA slots have pushed all the other slot variations far away due to the fact that American slots are considered easy to play. This slots type is very popular and was promoted to the different parts of the globe.

Historical facts

The American original slot machines are considered to be first introduced to the public in the 1930s. Later on they made their way to the gambling center of the USA Las Vegas. It is interesting to know that the very first place that owned the slot machine was Flamingo Hotel. It made the slot games available for the first time in the history. Thus, by the end of the 1980s USA slots were known to be as profitable as different table games. In comparison with the past, however, slot machines are considered to be responsible for more than 2/3 of both casinos online and land based gambling establishments nowadays.


In the United States of America, both the private and public availability of slots are considered to be regulated by the government. A lot of USA states managed to establish the specific gaming boards to control the gambling in the country. It is interesting to know that the only state of the USA that has no particular gambling restrictions is Nevada. In New Jersey, for example, slots are allowed for casino operation only in Atlantic City. Few American states, however, may allow the USA slots games in specially authorized riverboats or barges that are permanently anchored depending on the slot machine classes. By the way, in Las Vegas gambling terminals can be spotted even inside the airports.

Native American gambling

It is essential to know that the casinos that are on the territories of the reservations are not allowed to have the slot machines. The exception is the case when the tribe first achieves a pact with the particular state in which the tribe is situated. Just like all over the USA, Native Americans have specific slot machines classes to deal with. They are considered to be arranged in accordance with the USA current legislation.