Video slots games

In 1895 the great American inventor Charles Fey created the slots; he could not even imagine how huge his invention would be and how much it would contribute to the modern gambling.

Indeed, the last up to date modification of the classical slots introduced by Fey in 1900s now is represented by the modern video slots games.

Video slots games are considered to be the latest innovation in gambling field. Video slots are deprived of the moving parts that present in reel slots, for example. Instead of them, the graphical presentation of the spinning reels is implemented in video slots and displayed on the front screen with all the rest video slot games features. There are different variations, some of them enumerate up to 50 winning lines and also special bonus additional games. It is considered to increase the hit percentage and make the gambling experience much more entertaining and exciting.

Advanced characteristics

As far as the gamer practically plays a kind of the computer game, the manufacturers of the video slots games are able to offer the consumer the wider range of the various interactive devices and elements like, for instance, advanced bonuses and bonus rounds, realistic video graphics.

Moreover, due to the absence of the mechanical components in the slots design there is a tendency with the video slots games to display 5 reels rather than 3. Thus, it is considered to expand the possibilities for the gamer. Thus, with more symbols on each reel can give the more advanced odds, sometimes even enough for the biggest jackpot.

Multiple lines

It is interesting to know that video slots games can encourage the gamer by means of the multiple lines.

So, typically rather than taking the middle symbol from the images depicted on each reel, the line with the symbols can move from the left top to the right bottom or even otherwise depending on the manufacturer's specification. The privilege of the gamer is the fact that the more such lines he will play, more likely he is going to get paid on the particular given spin, notwithstanding the fact that the gamer bets more in the first.

In addition, in time when about 1 hundred credits on the slots with single line would probably be up to 1 hundred bets, for example, on the machine with twenty lines, it would possibly be only 5 bets that are not so significant. That is why the manufacturers of video slots games offer various bonus games in order to avoid the player's feeling of ebbing money while playing video slots games.