Holiday slots

There are a lot of modern slots that can offer the themed slot games. One of the most favorite categories of these games is considered to be the holiday slots. Alongside animal slots they are of immense success.

Summer holidays slots

This category of holiday slots are characterized by the pleasant sound background of the sea waves crashing on the rocks of the desert beach. In addition, the symbols are archetypal for the holidays at the sea cost. For example, the images like ice cream, suit cases, sun umbrellas, surf boards, cocktails are used as associated with the nice summer holidays on the beach.

The game disposes the five reel slots in order to have the gambling feature. Besides, in this very game the gamer can easily bet maximum ten coins per one pay line higher than in other games.

Wild symbols

The summer holidays slot machines may have not the only one, but two wild symbols that attract the gamers very much. For example, such images as the ice cream or the sea horse, for instance, are considered to be both wild symbols and have an ability to substitute the other symbols in order to create the win. It is interesting to know that in the case if the gamer wins, the wild symbols become animated. For example, as soon as the win is designated, the ice cream starts melting, and the sea horse are going to dance for the winner.

Gamble bonus games

This kind of game is available with its activation on each of the winning spins. The gamer is sure to know about the win due to the choice to collect or gamble offered while playing. The gamer simply must click on Gamble if he wishes to play the gamble bonus game.

It is essential to note that the rules of the following game are pretty simple. Actually the gamer should either to predict the next card suit or color. For example, if the player wants to play the card color choosing black or red and guesses correctly, the winnings are usually doubled. The same is with the suit game. If the suit of the card is correctly defined, the winnings are quadrupled. Each time the gamer predicts correctly, the winnings are increasing. However, if the gamer cannot guess, all the winnings from the winning spins will be lost. So, it is always risky.

Thus, the maximum correct guesses number can be 5 in the row before the gamer is enforced to collect the winnings and go back to the reels.