Slots symbols

From the diamonds to the movie stars, the slot machines are sure to depict the variety of different themed slots symbols. Indeed, the witty and funny symbols can add much more entertainment into the gamer's experiences with the reels spinning.

Slots symbols sources

The first slots machine invented by Charles Fey in San Francisco set up the slots symbol tradition. As far as it was called Liberty Bell due to the fact that one of the slots symbols was liberty bell and all the rest mostly card images, later on such images as horseshoes, spades, hearts, diamonds, etc.

Slots symbols origins

In fact the very first slots that contained the fruit symbols were introduced with the advertising intention. Thus, the Bell Fruit gum company managed to decorate the first slots reels in order to represent the favorite dainties - gum flavors. It is widely accepted that they later on inserted the specific slots symbol called BAR that was actually the company's logo. Isn't it interesting?

Modern slots symbols

There is the variety of the modern slots symbols used in reels decorating. Most of them are themed reel slots. Among them it is easy to find the following:

Adventure slots

Adventure slots are considered to be one of the most sought after in casinos online. Thus, among the adventure slots fantasy slots have the huge popularity. Adventure slots dispose an array of types of slots ranging from the pirates to Ancient Greece themed slots.

Movie slots

Movie magic slots are perhaps one of the most popular movie themed slot games. Star Wars slots are of immense success; the same is with the Top Gun slots games.

Animal slots

Safari and Jungle slots, The Adventure of Galactic Gopher, the Golden Retriever are going to be very popular animal themed slots games available for the gamers.

Holiday slots

The good example of this slots symbols type can be the game called Summer holidays slots.

Sport slots

Hole in One and Medal tally slots games are considered to dispose the sport themed slots.

Retro slots

The good example of the old retro slot machine can be the Montey Python. This is really joyful game for the old fashioned themed slots admirers.

Love slots

It is perhaps the most romantic slots symbols category. Doctor Love slots are very popular on holidays like St. Valentine's Day and even out of love holiday periods.

Magic slots

Black magic slots are considered to be the spooky video slots games that consist of 5 reels and 25 pay lines. The perfect invention for thrill-seekers!

3D slots

Freaky Wild West slots' symbols are sure to be full of the western style fun. It is a chance to conquer the Wild West.