Reel slots

There is a range of reel slot machines. It is possible to find 3 reels, 5 and 7 reel slots. In addition, the modern video slots games can offer the interactive simulation of up to 15 reels.

Three reel slots

3 reel slots are considered of be of immense popularity among the slots games fans. This type of slots is the exact copy of the very first 3 reel slot machine invented by Charles Fey in 1887. Nowadays both land based 3 reel slots and slots in casinos online are available for the gamer in great variety.

Speaking about the jackpots in 3 reel slots, they may differ from play to play. Especially it is noticeable in online slot tournaments due to the fact that the amount of coins that the gamer contributes to wager on particular spin may vary, as well. It is essential in such a case to read the pay tables of the slots to be aware of the biggest winning before the gamer starts gambling.

It is significant that the wild symbol can be applied. This particular symbol can be counted as anything for winning combination accomplishment. The wild symbol can also dictate the gaps in relation to the 3 reel jackpots.

Five reel slots

They originate from the USA and debuted in the first American land based casinos. They gained the phenomenal unprecedented popularity immediately and rushed into the gambling world at once.

Nowadays thanks to the 5 reel slots games popularity, we have the variety of choices five reel slots in both online and offline casinos. It is essential to know that the tournaments dedicated to the 5 reel slots games are available nowadays.

People sometimes think that it is much harder to hit the jackpot on five reel slot machine. However, it is not quite so. All modern slot machines make use of the random number generator that is checked and then approved by the third party supervisors. In fact many slots of this kind repay up to 95 per cent or even more to the gamer back.

Seven reel slots

The history of the seven reel slots goes back to 1909, when Herbert Mils managed to add ten extra symbols and modified Fey's slot machine called Liberty bell and renamed it into Operator Bell.

With the flow of time the slots became electronic and more convenient in exploitation. More features and possibilities are considered to be available with modern seven reel slots at both offline and online casinos.