Australian slots

Australian slots have not less intriguing and exciting history than the world wide famous USA slots. Australian slots are called pokies and are termed officially in slots glossary as Gaming Machines. Pokies frequently use the interactive video displays for physical reel simulation. It is significant that the slots have extra bonusing and also second screen features, for example bonus levels or free spins.

Historical evidences

It is interesting to know that in 1950s the first pokies were invented by the Australian company that was called Aristocrat. The slots that were developed acquired the name "Clubman." However, the company revised the model two years later and made it newer and more advanced and called it "Club master."

However, the priority of being the first in the sphere of slots invention always belonged to the USA, no doubts. Australian companies did not dare to argue on that very particular issue. Indeed, Charles Fey is considered to be the father of slots, no one else.

However, it was not until the late 1990s, when the slots games reached finally Australian continent. The major date was the legalization by the Australian government the slots gambling in clubs in 1956.

The next part of the history did not bring anything new into the Australian slots technology. All the slots had reels, 3 or 5 lines, they were small and the interactivity was really limited by the handle pulling and waiting till the reels stop.

Nevertheless, in the middle of the 1980s, the very first video slots games were introduced. It was the next important step in slots gambling development since the invention of Charles Fey.

Modern pokies

Nowadays it is possible to encounter the slots everywhere around Australian big cities. Slots are put into clubs, pubs and casinos. Slots are known to be the best form of entertainment and gambling. Speaking about the pokies as the specific term, there is no exact date of this word emergence. Simply it is traditionally used by the locals to determine the favorite game.

It is interesting to know that the very first Australian state that managed to legalize the slots gambling is considered to be the New South Wales. In 1965 slots were made authorized in all state clubs that were registered. There are versions that the tolerance to the gambling machines led to the problem gambling increase. However, it is considered to be rather disputable issue in Australia.