Magic slots

To begin with, the magic slots are one of the most popular slots categories in modern online gambling. Many gamers found them to be favorite ones.

Black magic slots

Black magic slots are considered to be the spooky video slots games consisting of 5 reels and 25 pay lines. These slots dispose the realistic well designed computer graphics with appropriate music background. The game can vary from the 001 dollars to 250 00 dollars per each spin. The magic slot machine can easily accept about 25 coins per each spin. The total jackpot amount can reach 6 000 coins. It is wise to make sure that all 25 lines are activated for the most optimal payout per each spin in order to hit the jackpot.

As far as the theme of the slots is black magic, the slots symbols are from the evil or even satanic origins. The player can enjoy the image of bat, full moons, skull symbols, candles, witches, rattlesnakes. If we take, for instance, the witches appeal, this is especially nasty looking symbols that are considered to be wild slots symbols. The witch can easily substitute the other images on the reels to make up the winning row, except the scatter image. The scatter symbol is a blue moon. When the player gets 3 scatters with blue moon on the five slots reels, it means that the black magic feature is activated. However, there is no need to be afraid! It means that the gamer receives the bonus round.

Chiefs magic slots

This is considered to be the classic style of Microgaming standard slot machines. Developed by Microgaming Software Company, the slots dispose 3 reels and one themed with the Native American displayed. It is essential to note that the games have huge selection of the sizes ranging from 25 cents, 50, 1 dollar, 2 dollars, 5 dollars with 3 coins spin maximum bet. The game is considered to have the real relaxed pace due to the fact that the manufacturers made it deprived of the wild symbols, scatters or bonus rounds. This game is considered to be easy to gamble and funny, especially for the newcomers. Thus, Chief's magic slots are said to be not the progressive jackpot slots game, but game aimed at teaching and entertaining purposes mostly. However, the jackpot of the Chief magic slots is estimated 6 hundred coins. It is not so few, by the way.