UK slots

All UK slots are considered to be governed by the Gambling Act elected in 2005. In the UK, it is more common to call the slot machine simply fruit machines. Like Australian slots, UK slots can be specified according to the fruit machine categories.

A bit of history

The fruit machine history is rich as well as the history of American slots. In slots glossary it is possible to find the AWP definition for UK slots. It means Amusement with prizes. So, fruit machines in the UK are considered to be AWPs. It is due to the fact that some slots may be played in amusements and also exposed to pay out the prizes rather than money.

It is widely accepted that slot machines have always been popular all over Britain. It is possible to find them in almost all crowded local clubs, pubs, etc. They are usually featured in arcades, but it is hard to find them in the casinos. The point is that the UK slots were taken more as the game of skill that was marketed in Great Britain during the first years in 1900s. The person that invented slots in the USA - Charles Fey was regarded as an inspirer for the fruit machines development, as well. In 1960s the slots were demanded to be legalized. Thus, there had to be some particular skill associated with the slots, so UK slots became fruit machines.

Finally, the real fruit machines started to hit the casinos online and are of high demand. However, there is a slight confusion of the slot machines with the fruit machines. Here it is essential to say that not all of the slots are called fruit machines. It is important for the game to have some particular features to be called fruit machine. As a rule the UK slots are called fruit machines because they have the nudge and also hold features.


Hence, the feature that is considered to be involved in fruit machines games is twofold. The first is with the Bonus trail. On the slots online the gamer can be taken to the secondary screen and also asked to push Spin in order to start the feature. There must be the lighted Trail with possible winnings. The gamer spins with the intention to reveal the movement number that are to be done on the Trail. If the marker stops on the reward, the gamer takes it.