Sport slots

Sports slots are not less popular than adventure, movie, animal, holiday slots, etc. If the gamer likes playing online sport slots and is considered to be the real sport enthusiast, he is for sure to find the sport slots very attractive, funny and exciting. Indeed, sport slots are sought after and famous themed slot games.

There is an array of the popular sport slots among the American slot machines gamblers.

Hole in One sport slots

This sport slots game is available in the majority of American casinos online. It is considered to be the video slots game that makes use of the five reels with 15 pay lines. For, example if the golf is familiar to gamers, they are sure to recognize the images depicted on the reels. The slots symbols that are used in Hole in One game are considered to be golf balls, golf player, golf shoes, carts, umbrella, etc., and of course the most famous hole in one image. The jackpot of such games can reach the level of up to 750 coins with the total bet of 18, 75 dollars. This game also has the wild symbol. It is the most famous Eagle image. There is the bonus game, as well, that can be activated if the gamer gets 3 or even more bonus birds.

Medal tally sport slots

This type of sport slots is designed, especially for the gamers that are fond of the Olympics. In online casinos a lot of gamers enjoy this progressive sport slots. The game has five reels and disposes 25 pay lines. The images depicted on the reels are runners, swimmers, bicyclists, as well as the five card royal images, etc. moreover, there is the second jackpot available worth 10 000 coins. It is essential to know that using the wild symbols the player can advance the bonus progressive slots game where the gamer can easily receive nearly twenty free addition spins. The max wager for the Medal tally slots is only 1 dollar. While the gamer can receive the gold, silver or bronze medals, he is sure to have nice gambling time full of substantial prizes.

Darby dollars sport slots

It is considered to be the premier of all racings. The gamer can participate in first class Darby races - the progressive video sport slots. The game is not less realistic and exciting than the real Darby. It disposes 5 reels and also twenty pay lines. The images are horses, beautifully dressed ladies, coins, jockeys, and the golden cup. The second jackpot can give the chance to win 1000 coins.