Pokie games

There is an array of the slots games available to the Australian gamers. It is essential to note that Australian slots are considered to be the most popular pokies all over the world and are famous in the other countries, as well. There are pokies games that should be known.

In general the classes are similar to those of the USA slot machines classes.

Back to history

The earliest pokie games emerged in 1890s or early 1900s. The first slots invented in the USA featured cards symbols and were recognizable as the poker machines. That is why the first slots in Australia were named pokies, and the very first slots games were called pokie games. Nowadays everybody in Australia is off playing pokie games!

Online pokies

Online pokies are not considered to be limited to the particular themes or made up legends. The manufacturers of the online pokies tend to pick up some more themes like movie, comics, or more interesting visual concepts from the entertainment world and after all adapt these themes to the pokies. For instance, it is possible to mention the most popular Australian slots like Hitman, Tomb Raider or Hell boy.

Real money pokies

This category of slots corresponds to the American Class III and II depending on slots placement. The real money pokies combine the superb sounds background, graphics and excitement of the gambling. The player can win the real money jackpot with the help of such slots machines. The real money betting adds adrenalin impacts to give the gamer the most winning combination of fun and entertainment.

Themed pokie games

Nearly all Australian pokie games offer the gamblers the variety of the themes or particular stories. These are the integral features that make Australian slots so very much popular and amusing. In addition, there are a lot of slots symbols offered to the gamers. For example, the most romantic gamers will are sure to enjoy the love slots like Burning desire or Secret admirer.

For the gamers that are old fashioned and traditional, there are traditional retro slots available. In addition, there are a lot of animal slots games with the images of cats, dogs, lions, bears, etc. Many of these slots take the gamer into the themed journeys and retell the stories of Romans and Egyptians. It is not the limit. Australian pokies offer the intergalactic ages, space traveling, and even sport slots, as well.