Slot machine classes

The USA slot machines are considered to be divided into the several slot machine classes according to the current legislation.

The American gambling world is known to have two widely accepted USA slots classes both at online and offline casinos:

  • Class III
  • Class II

Class II

Class II slots machines are known as the video lottery terminals and are considered to be connected to the centralized system that is going to control and determine the possible outcomes of every bet. In addition, they dispose the scratch off tickets and every gambling machine has quite equal chances to win the limited prize series. Any of the games may not or can have the skill element.

Characteristics of the game

  • The player is considered to be playing against the other gamers competing for the common winning.
  • There is not a winner necessarily in every game. The game is going to continue till there is a winner.
  • There is particular amount of losses and wins. Once the particular combination is occurred, it can't occur once again till the new batch is begun. It is common in scratch card gaming disposing the cards that arrive in pecks. It is obvious that once the card is chosen from the deck, the combinations on this very particular card simply cannot emerge once more till the new card deck is installed. Next game is considered dependent on the previous one.
  • The gamer ought to be very active in order to win. The players must be able to recognize the game events as they emerge and recognize the cases if they win and announcements. Bingo can make a good example of it.
  • The playing numbers set is the same for all gamers as numbers are announced.

Class III

Class III or traditional slot machines are operated independently by means of the centralized computer system. These slots are used in Nevada and Atlantic City halls. They are very often referred to the Vegas style slots.

Characteristics of the game

  • The gamer is sure to play against the gambling establishment.
  • There is traditionally very real chance to lose the game.
  • Every next game is going to be independent from the previous.
  • The wins are declared automatically.