Types of slots

There exist a lot of slots types such as http://www.777.com/play-bejeweled-slots.html and other great slots variations, however all of them are going to be subdued to one and the same principle - the gamer should only insert the coin and push the spin button or trigger the lever in order to activate the slots and enjoy the game.

Basically, nowadays there are 4 major types of slots:

Straight slots are tending to pay the winning combinations that are listed on the machine itself. For example, one cherry symbol may pay 2 coins for each of them put in; two cherries can pay 5 coins, or three cherries - ten coins. Thus, depending on the schedules there exist 4 kinds of slots:

  • Multiplier slots

The multiplier types of slots are going to be characterized by the number of played coins that can multiply the payout. For example, if the slot machine pays 5 coins for 3 cherry symbols if one coin is played, it should certainly pay 10 for the second played coin or 15 for the third one. The gamer does not take the max coins playing advantage.

  • Bonus slots

Such types of slots works as the multipliers with the only exception: if the player pays the maximum coins, the bonus is offered to the gamer.

  • Buy a pay

Such machines demand the careful schedule and payout percentage acquaintance. Such machines want the gamer to know exactly that each of the coins played in order to hit the biggest jackpot.

  • Multiple pay line.

The number of the pay lines is greatly dependable on the amount of the deposited coins. 1 only coin can actually pay the line in the middle, while the gamer hits the win combination on the inactivated line, he gets no prize.

Progressive slots are going to be the slots game in which the jackpot keeps increasing with each played coin. It also has a range of types:

  • Standalone slots

These progressive slots are considered to be self-contained slot machine games that do not actually receive or contribute to the other slots the jackpot sum. It is interesting to know that this type of slots is not connected to the others by means of the network.

  • In house slots

Unlike the abovementioned slots, slots of this type are linked together by means of the slot network that is considered to be operated by the particular casino.

  • Wide area slots

The characteristic feature of these slots is the real exchange jackpots offer.

Reel slots

Among the reel slots there are 3 reel, 5 reel, and also 7 reel slots available for the gamblers.

Video slots games

Video slots games are considered to be the latest innovative games in gambling field. Video slots are completely deprived of the moving parts and contain the interactive elements and animated reels on the screen.