Fruit machine categories

The regulation of the slots or fruit machines gambling in the UK is realized according to the Gambling Act elected in 2005. According to it all the slots in the UK are subdivided into the specific categories, as well as USA slots.

Thus, let us consider the fruit machine categories in particular.

UK fruit machine categories

Do define the authorization of the slots gambling in the UK the legislation divided all slots games into the categories A, B, and C category. It is interesting to know that all big gambling establishments will have the maximum of 150 fruit machines of any combination in categories from B to D. However, it is possible within the total limit 150. The smaller casinos will only have the maximum of 80 fruit machines of various combinations in B to D categories, however, within the max limit of 80 according to the gambling Act.

A category

As in the case with the USA slots machine classes, this category of slot machines in the UK represents the slots for the top gambling establishments. These are the games for the super casinos. It is interesting to know that Manchester was chosen as the planned location -center of the gambling. However, the decision was soon changed in the context of political changes. Thus, as the result in the UK there is nolegal category A fruit machines.

B category

All, fruit machine games of B category are considered to be subdivided. Anyway the differences between those subcategories B4, B3 and B1 games are mostly in the stake and also the prizes. For example, B2 fruit machine categories are considered to have fixed odds and are called very often betting terminals. Usually they have very different prize and stake rules. Thus, the terminals are to be found in authorized betting bookmakers, or shops as the electronic roulette.

C category

This is considered to be the category of fruit machines called amusement with prizes. This category of slots can be found in the majority of the public places all over the UK: in pubs, clubs, arcades, etc. Fruit machine category usually disposes the 3 reels, however, 4 or 5 reels and 16 or 24 slots symbols. The sub game is available as the special feature when the particular image combinations appear. In addition, such games have the number of extra features, games and opportunities for money winning. It is usually even more than the gamer can win from the reel combinations payouts .