Straight slots

Straight slot machines are also considered to be known as the flat rate slots. It means that the straight slots usually make use of the particular payout schedule for payment calculation. In such a way the payouts are considered to be constant and do not actually change.

As a rule the machine of this kind offers the payout schedule that is traditionally posted in the very front side of the payout table. It is essential for the gamer to know that all slot machines tend to differ from each other and there is no completely the same slot machine with one and the same schedule.

It is also essential to know about slots that the term straight slot machine usually means that the slot game jackpot can be defined by the fixed payouts - the jackpot amount cannot grow with each coin played like in progressive slots, for example.

Hence, according to the payout schedule, it is possible to point out the following types of straight slots: multiplier straight slots, bonus, buy a pay, and multiple slot pay line.

Multiplier slots

This kind of straight slots is very easy to gamble. It is due to the fact that the machines can multiple the payouts depending on the number of coins that were inserted only. Hence, for example, if the gamer inserted only one coin into the machine and it pays 5 extra for the line of 3 diamonds, the player will p-probably receive the total amount of 15 coins under condition that the gamer played with 3 coins.


Bonus multiplier slots as a rule work the way simple multipliers work. The only exception is that the gamer can gain the much higher bonus winning for the mam total number of the coins participated in the game. The extra coins amount can be noted on the slot machine, so the gamer should look it up and read the schedule. Thus, these kind of straight slots give the player some additional features to allow the so called bonus rounds each time the maximum coin amount is wagered. Bonus rounds can, indeed, increase the earnings of the gamer.

Buy a pay

Such kind of straight slots may vary from each machine. It is wise for the gamblers to get acquainted with the instructions first concerning the repayments and the total coin numbers as far as there are specific combinations and coin numbers to be played within the schedule of each slot machine.

Multiple pay line

In multiple pay line kind of slots the line number that is activated can depend according to the amount of inserted coins. For example, if the gamer inserted one coin, only the middle line can be activated. However, if the combination of symbols matched is not in the activated line, the gamer gets nothing. It is essential to get familiarized with payouts, betting and pay lines options first.