Progressive slots

In the progressive slots the jackpot is growing constantly with each new coin played on a particular slot machine. As the rule only those gamers who are wagering the max credits per spin will probably qualify for the top prize winning. However, all players are considered to make a contribution to the jackpot sum, regardless of the coin number played, unlike in straight slots.

If the gamer plays with less than the required max coin amount, he is sure to contribute to the progressive jackpot, however, without any chance of winning it. That is why it is usually advisable while playing progressive slots to bet not less than the max wanted credit. Thus, the progressive machines only can pay out the max jackpot amount in the case if some gamer hits on certain matched winning symbol line designated for the jackpot.

However, not all machines are considered the same. There are the following types of progressive jackpots: standalone, in house slots, and wide area slots.

  • Standalone slots

They are said to be self-contained individual slot machine games that do not contribute or receive to the other slots the jackpot. It is wise to know that this type of slot machine is not linked to the others by means of the network. Traditionally standalone slots have the fixed jackpots that is as a rule calculated on the basis of the whole made bet percentage. The jackpot in this case is getting higher with each bet amount. The significant feature is the fact that standalone slots have meters to let the player be aware of the current jackpot increasing. The jackpot is said to be lower than in the machines that are linked together.

  • In house slots

Such slots are linked together by means of the slot network that is considered to be operated by the certain casino. The jackpot not necessarily offers the multimillion varieties but in some casinos jackpots can be quite a lump sum of money.

  • Wide area slots

Such slots usually can offer real exchange jackpots. The slots can be actually linked together from quite different areas. They can be operated by the independent operators rather than some single gaming company. Taking into consideration the additional costs spent for linking the slots together and also administrative spends for running wide are slots, the payback percentages are as well lower in comparison with the other slots types.